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Go check out Kenzie Kelly on YouTube!
shes hella pretty and she's an amazing singer and guitarist.
shes a new girl in my school today and she just said that only her parents know about it and even though she just met us, she told us.
shes so fucking sweet and her hair is perfection. 
She said she wasn't this popular at her old school. 
My friends and I seem like total weirdos and wackos, but we're all really nice and we'd make friends with any new kid.
and she has colorful hair and the kids I hang with have colorful hair so its like a magnet to us.
check her out!!
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(G) I fell in love with you. by TeamSonic015
(G) I fell in love with you.
Not for how you look, Just for who you are. (Although you look pretty great, too.)
I love and hate this. ;-;
Made for :iconnightmarish--adv:

Zeke belongs to her, and Sam, to me.
Base: :iconkaya-snapdragon:

idk it could be their anniversary or a date. I dunno. Whatever you think.
What're you gonna be?? 
Im being 
Queen of Vampires..

Marceline!! <33  
Problem is I'm not anyone of those things..
and I gotta make my hair black. >n< 
I greatly dislike altering my hair..
but Halloween!!
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Go look up Tight Pants Body Rolls. because I feel like me and my friend are the only people who have seen it anD I HATE IT AND SHE LOVES IT AND UGH???? ;-;
  • Listening to: Rhett and Link
  • Reading: ----
  • Watching: Good Mythical Morning.
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  • Drinking: Mt. Dew: Code Red.
I wanna make some single characters not so single.. But I have a few plots to have them come together.
and by a few.
i uh.. Mean a lot..

Guy is forced to go to the public library for the first time in his entire life for a school assignment. Being totally lost in this place filled from head to toe with smart people, he grabs the very first book that he laid his eyes on. As he begins to scan through the book, a nerdy, cute girl can't help but notice that he is reading Shakespeare. Unlike the guy, she has spent her entire life inside of the public library, eager to learn as much as she possibly could in a single day. Ignoring the fact that she barely talks to anyone she knows really well, she approaches this stranger and brings up the book that he is holding. Guy is awestruck that such a beautiful girl would just come up to him, but he soon realizes why she came over to him in the first place when she mentions the book that he is holding. How long will he be able to pretend that he is smart in order to get closer to this adorable girl?

A suicidal guy decides that there is nothing left in the world for him, but decides that he should go out with a bang. So he plans this elaborate plan to rob a bank and spend his last day in luxury with all of this money that he plans to steal. But things go wrong and soon he finds himself keeping a girl hostage in order to keep the cops away from him. Will she teach him that his life is valuable and convince him to stop this madness? Or will he decide that there is absolutely no other way?

Girl has the sweetest boyfriend in the entire world. He wakes her up with a kiss, cooks her an unbelievable breakfast, and is overall a complete gentleman. Most the time that is. Because this perfect boyfriend has one major flaw, he's an alcoholic. Almost every single night he has to have something to drink, and usually that night ends up with him abusing the girl that he loves so much when he's sober. But she stills loves him anyways.Will he change his ways for the girl that has never left his side? Or let the alcohol consume his entire life? (We could change this up a bit.)

Guy abducts girl for a ransom. It's how he's made his living ever since his parents kicked him out over three years ago. He never really believed that he could do anything else beside hurt people. So they hide out underground for multiple days until he takes her outside to get some fresh air. What they find when they come to the surface is that the whole world has been destroyed. Countries had been threatening to drop bombs on each other for quite some time, but it looked as though they had both had enough of each other and finally did what they had been promising to do for oh so long. Was it fate that these two could possibly be the last two people on earth? (I dont know about this one.)

Guy is a vampire. Yes, just like the ones in twilight except for the whole sparkle thing. He doesn't sleep, doesn't eat human food, and most importantly, doesn't die. Often he finds himself bored with all of this time, always searching for the next opportunity to keep him entertained. Until one day when he runs into a girl. Just by studying her from a distance, he can tell that she is absolutely perfect. From her smile, to the way she laughs, even the way she listens contently as someone else is speaking is just adorable. Guy knows almost immediately that she is his future wife. But obviously dating a human is not allowed. And what happens when their relationship starts off on the wrong foot? Will he lose his soul mate forever just because of a single thing that he said?

I heard you're a player. So, lets play a game. Lets sweet talk. Lets play fight. Lets talk 24/7. Lets tell each other good morning and good night every day. Lets take walks together. Let's give each other nicknames. Lets go on dates. Lets talk on the phone all night long. Lets hold each other. Lets kiss and hug. And whoever falls in love first? Loses. (So big lol)

With his mom and twin sister murdered, a teenage boy is forced by his father to pack up and move to a new town with the crime not solved. He expects his life to be boring and normal now with no one knowing of his colorful past, but that isn't what happens. One day by the river he meets the strangest girls and soon he is drawn to her and the mystery lying around her. Can he even begin to wrap his mind around who she is and the fact that she can see and talk to the dead? (I would really like to play the girl)

A guy has tried to fight his inner demons for years. But always ends up letting 'them' take control, and hurting someone. Finally, he locks himself away, from everyone. Sometimes drinking away his thoughts The only time he leaves is for supplies. And even then he tries to keep his distance, because he can get angered easily. One day while out for supplies, he meets a girl, who seems to work at the store, and he quietly asks for help. She doesn't seem repulsed by his look, or the alcohol on his breath. He never really talked to girls, and was so shy. But she seemed so nice and pretty.. Maybe he has a chance? He gives her his number, and she smiles. After that day, they talk and text, only. He doesn't trust himself around her. But one day she unexpectedly shows up at his house and he invites her in, and they have a good time, for most of the time anyway. The two get into a small pointless argument, at least she thinks its pointless.. But him being who he is, takes it the wrong way, and he looses control, and ends up hurting her, even though he secretly loves her. He doesn't tell her why he didn't, he thinks she will believe he is strange, saying he has demons inside him. In turn, she becomes a bit scared of him. Will he be able to explain himself, and make her comfortable once again and his, or will he stay locked away forever, her love gnawing away at his heart?
He will always of course have those demons, but she will probably let them die down in time, letting his temper become more control but he can still lash. 

A girl was a famous singer in her small town. But when a girl who's completely jealous gets someone to put a curse on her, allowing the other girl to take her voice, she becomes unnoticed once again. A guy who says he's a huge fan one day wants to hear her sing with him, and she says no, and he asks why not, and she told him that she couldn't sing anymore. Turns out, boy is an incredible singer. She explains her situation, and he tells him he will teach her! She hesitates, but agrees. Boy has of course, a crush on her. And she sees him as just a fan/friend. But will his voice travel to her heart?

Guy is the big burly jock of the school, girls swooning for him. He could break someone in half. He's a solid as a wall. Girl hates him, everything about him. How girls stick to him, and how he lets them. He could get any girl he wants, but he doesn't want some ordinary girl, he wants her. Beautiful, Talented, her. But he knows he can't get her. Another disadvantage? He's a grade above her, and they rarely see each other. How they communicate? Her older brother is his best friend. Slowly, very slowly and painfully, girl falls for him. But not as hard as he did for her, it takes time. She tells her friend she may like him, and she yells 'I knew it! I knew you liked him!' Earning glares from boy and her brother. Boy walks away for a moment, and her brother asks who. She quickly blurts out someone else she hates, everyone hates. And he disapproves. He says that boy and her will fake date to keep other guy away from her so he doesn't get anyone, since the guy she blurted out is a total player. Boy is alright with it, but girl, isn't as much. Everyone quickly finds out they're 'dating' or thinks they are, and the news spreads, her earning glares and comments from girls, and him, getting the same as well. One day at a sports game boy gets injured, (say a sport like wrestling, hockey, or football. A very physical sport.) and girl is crushed, and is bound to let the boy who did this to her 'boyfriend' know the meaning of pain. She marches right up to him, and punches him in the face. That didn'tgo over well with his real girlfriend, resulting in an all out brawl. Boy pulls her off of the other girl, holding her, and she gets mad, landing a blow to his crotch, telling him she can fight her own battles and doesn't need him, everyone letting out a gasp. She got away from him, and storms off, he, is crushed. Oh and guess what? Prom is coming. and he just got on her bad side. 

Guy has spent most of his life fighting his inner demons, the dark places in his mind. He's never really found love nor did he believe it existed until one night where he came across a girl who wasn't repulsed by the smell of his cigarettes and the alcohol on his breath. She sees something in him that no one ever has before... hope. Her father disapproves of the relationship they begin, saying he's worthless but it's nothing he hasn't heard from his own father. Girl tries her best to 'fix' Guy, begging him to change his ways. Guy does his best but it never seems enough and the pull of alcohol is too great. He continues his destructive ways but he's dragging Girl down with him as she soon finds herself following his footsteps. He hates what he's doing to her but he can't stop. He's a human time-bomb.. But can he change?

boy is the son of rich parents; his dad owns a successful chain of factories, and his mom is the head of a company. [ boy ]'s siblings are also successful, marrying other rich people and taking up great paying jobs. All boy has ever wanted to do is play music, which his parents don't think is going to get him far in life. One day when boy is going into the theater to play the piano, since he can't at home, he finds that the piano is occupied. There is a girl, and music has always been a comfort to her. Already having something in common, there is an almost instant attraction.boy and girl play music together and become good friends. boy finds himself slowly falling in love with her and he admits his feelings for her, to find that she feels the same. He introduces her to his parents, and they do not approve.

Boy and girl move into an apartment together. They’re happy until money starts getting tight. Boy starts to cheat on his girlfriend, but his girlfriend has a secret. She’s pregnant with his child. She knows there’s something going on with him and she fears that if she tells him she’s pregnant, he’ll completely leave her. But will he? Or will it rekindle the flame between the two of them?

She was coming back from a night on the town with the girls and she was walking across the bridge home. That’s when she saw him, looking down into the water, teetering between life and death. He was someone familiar, the guy who she could nod to, who sat at the back of her Maths lectures. She never realised he was the kind of person who could be driven to something this big, this final. She went over to him, gently touching his back, talking him down from the ledge. She quietly listened to his story, slowly fell in love. He became reliant on her, and slowly started seeing the beauty in his own life.

A princess of a kingdom is going to marry a prince of another kingdom so that they will stop battling. However, she's been dating one of the kingdoms servants, and she's more in love with him than ever. Will she be able to run away with him or will they be stuck in the castle forever?

Two friends, a girl and a guy, haven't seen each other since they were 10 years old. they are now 18 and they've changed a lot. The boy starts to fall for the girl but she doesn't feel the first. Eventually she falls for him too. But.....what happens when both of them remember that they're dating someone else?

{Girl} is beautiful, talented, and sure to go places in life. Her parents only want the best for her, so they arrange her marriage to a very successful, stuck up, perverted boy that doesn't care for her, only her body. {Girl} goes to a cafe to get away from her life, and meets {Boy}, the cute boy that works there. He's a break from her "perfect" life; he's charming, a bit clumsy, funny, and calls her beautiful instead of hot or sexy, like her fiance. He knows she's engaged, since she told him in one of their get-togethers, but he can't help but to crush on her. Spending time together in and out of the cafe, {Girl} can't keep herself for falling for him. The wedding day comes, and she invites {Boy}. In the midst of the vows, {Girl} notices him in the audience and her heart overflows with emotions. Will she go for {Boy}, or make her parents happy and marry their choice? 

(Girl) and (Boy) have been bestfriends since day one. (Boy)'s liked her since he could ever remember, but he missed his chance once hig school came around and every other guy found out about her beauty as well. Now (Girls)`s dating (Boy 2). The quarterback of the football team. After (Girl) went out with (Boy 2), Justin absolutley gave up. He`s considered the player, he gets any girl he wants, so why cant he get (Girl)? Soon he heard (Boy 2)`s only competing with (Boy). All he wants from (Girl) is one thing, to get in her pants and (Boy) simply wont allow it. Little does he know if (Boy 2) doesnt get what he wants, he gets abusive.

(Girl) is spending the Summer with her aunt and uncle at their lake house. Her parents shipped her off in hopes of her doing somthing over the Summer, making some friends. (Girl) on the other hand is anything but excited to go on this trip. She hates her aunt and uncle, she hates thier children and she hates the thought of spending a whole Summer with them. But through out this process, her rich aunt and uncle rent out their giant guest house to another family. (Boy)'s family. (Girl) has been through alot in the past year, her brother dies of cancer, her boyfriend for two years died in a car crash, her parents got in a divorce and now she simply feels alone. But she figures its better to be your own critic than let someone in to judge you, so thats what she does. Shut people out, but when Justin comes, she feels something difrrent. She cant tell what it is but she wont let herself get attached. After all anything good always ends in heart break. 

Believe it or not (boy) is a seventeen year old father. He's had a baby with a girl in his past relationship. Though, she had sadly left him just a few months after the baby had been born. (boy) was left with a son/daughter to take care off all on his own. He threw away his teenage life or the child and would hardly regret doing so. Well one day, he takes his child to the mall where he had hoped to hang out for a bit with a couple of his friends. But (child) had soon wandered off and sat on a strangers lap. This stranger was named (girl)& the toddler had started playing with her until (boy) came towards them. He deeply apologizes and soon ask for her name. They chat for a bit and (girl) is completely convinced that the child is ( boy ]'s little sibling. Sadly, (boy) doesn't deny her assumption because he is afraid she will stop talking to him if she finds out the truth. 

This is kind of a I-save-you-you-save-me kind of thing. The boy is new in the jungle of LA and he falls into the arms of depression while the girl is struggling with her own emotional issues because of her stressful job and her never satisfied boyfriend. The two meet at a help centre and decide to keep in touch, but they helplessly fall for each other. Will they ignore their scars in order to show one another that good days are yet to come, or will they comfortably stay in their depression forever?

my singles~…

if we pair, it would be nice to RP once in a while. .-.

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Go check out Kenzie Kelly on YouTube!
shes hella pretty and she's an amazing singer and guitarist.
shes a new girl in my school today and she just said that only her parents know about it and even though she just met us, she told us.
shes so fucking sweet and her hair is perfection. 
She said she wasn't this popular at her old school. 
My friends and I seem like total weirdos and wackos, but we're all really nice and we'd make friends with any new kid.
and she has colorful hair and the kids I hang with have colorful hair so its like a magnet to us.
check her out!!
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There's someone on my page.
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You know those people that reply to EVERYTHING in seconds? Yeah. I'm one of those people. So, I get kinda worried/pissed when someone doesn't reply quickly, or not at all. That's the worse.
So if you start a conversation, be prepared for it to last. But if it takes a creepy, weird turn, instant delete. <3
But, don't rush, seriously.
Fucking dont.
Just please.

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Zayn Malik is my inspiration.
He bought a house for his mom.
He bought a house for His self for one reason: To spray paint the walls, because drawing/spray painting is his favorite thing to do when he's alone.
He's just adorable, and I love him.

Pasta Monsters Stamp by Onslaught14

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If the cause of death is written within 40 seconds of the persons name, it will happen.
If the cause of death is not specified, the person will simply die of a heart attack.
After writing the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds.
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Lets talk about that.<3
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Currently writing a Rhett x Reader fanfic.
R&L smut is my kryptonite.

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